“Changes are made of choices.”


Persoona is state of the art in personal image.

The term state of the art was first used in 1910 in an engineering manual. It defined the most advanced level of development of a product, technique or service at a given time. Today it also translates into the idea of ​​the latest finding, of what is new, of something that changes the status quo.

The PERSOONA method creates a new starting point for image consulting: the face. Facial features and proportions lay the foundation for the analysis of the client’s visual configuration and behavior trends. Because it makes no sense to leave out of this process a person’s most revealing element. The face is the point of visual and emotional contact with the environment and it is also the part of the body that is naked all the time.

It is essential to take care of hair, beard, eyebrows, makeup, smile, glasses and other accessories. However, the most important thing is to make the connection between face and clothes: both must convey the same messages, which will always be dictated by the personality and the goals of each client.

Image consulting considers the unique versions each person has, as well as their behaviors according to the desired impression. Bringing this into a visual identity requires a professional look, especially in relation to the face. It is not possible to "change" the features of the face, but it is possible to balance or highlight its characteristics through its own elements. That is real art.


The state of the art requires constant research, accurate technique and innovative practice. The conceptual basis of PERSOONA are the principles of balance, body harmony and non-verbal communication, derived from Gestalt's image, neuroscience, visual language and, why not, psychology: the psychology of the form that deals with our perception of colors, shapes, and textures.

The deliveries of PERSOONA are in the details, in the exclusive, in what goes beyond what is expected.


The state of the art is an attribute. In order not to be out-of- date, it must evolve always; that is, it must be reinvented.
For this reason, PERSOONA is in constant development to climb steps of excellence. Like art, this method is linked to man's desire to create beauty and give expression to everything that inspires him.

Cris Alves


Physiotherapist graduated from the Federal University of Minas Gerais in 2007, Cris Alves had her first meeting with image consulting, as a client, at the beginning of her professional life. It was love at first sight! That was a phase marked by a series of changes: first formal job, marriage, and a new home.

Cris felt that she could couple her keen eye for beauty and harmony to her calling: taking care of people. She then became an image consultant.

Working with her first clients, she realized it was not enough to focus on her clients’ wardrobe to help them convey their intentions, their history and their personality through their looks. It was then that she realized that, in any image consulting process, the face is the most important element of the whole visual identity.

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Raleigh, North Carolina - U.S.A
April 2 - 4, 2020

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Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

Raleigh, North Carolina, USA
August 28 - 30, 2020

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Depoimento Wamberto Dias da Silva

“Cris Alves has frequently participated in the activities of the Week of the Staff Member of the Legislative Assembly of Minas Gerais, and the workshops conducted by Cris always sell out. The topics, aimed at improving the professional image, arouse interest in several staff members, including the male audience. The workshops are very dynamic and interactive, and the participants can put into practice all the valuable tips offered by her.”

Wamberto Dias da Silva | General Manager of People Management Legislative Assembly of the State of Minas Gerais
Depoimento Letícia Caldas Teixeira

“Cris Alves is an exceptional professional. Her charismatic presence, expertise and competence are inspiring. In 2015 and 2016, the students of the Master’s Program in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology (UFMG) were presented with her talk “Image and clothing in oral presentations.” The talk added knowledge and generated interest in the importance of image, style and clothing to speak well in public. The students reported that the lecture was thorough, and the teachings were specific for professional and personal life. We want her to continue cherishing her presence. “

Letícia Caldas Teixeira | Professor from the Department of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology Federal University of Minas Gerais
Depoimento Fátima Seixas

“And then, suddenly …I hit my 60s! And together with the 60s some desires, doubts and uncertainties arrived. It was then that a great friend showed me that “light at the end of the tunnel.” And Cris Alves came into my life. It’s hard to describe in words everything she did for me, because it was not just having my hair cut   or having the color changed, or buying some nice clothes. Cris taught me much, much more than that. With her help, I learned to know myself better, to choose safely what to buy and what to wear, to combine colors in such a natural and –  at the same time – fun way.  I learned to appreciate my strengths, and above all I learned that each phase of life has its own beauty! Cris helped me enter 60 years with confidence, elegance and lightness and I am grateful to her for it.”

Fátima Seixas | Oncology nurse - Belo Horizonte / Minas Gerais
Depoimento Micheline Macêdo

“Cris has, in addition to the expertise in all the technical content, an inborn talent for transmitting her knowledge in a super didactic, sensitive and smooth way, making the whole group receive and exchange many impressions during the course, which enriches and personalizes each class. I am grateful to my teacher for adding such a rich content to my professional repertoire. I have been applying it with great success, from the course until today. Cris is without equal at providing having support and assistance. I recommend her. Affection, admiration and gratitude, always!”