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Persoona® is a new concept of service, analysis and proposals for your client. Developed by Cris Alves, a trained physiotherapist, the method combines studies in facial and body anatomy with knowledge about neuroscience, Gestalt, Facial Psychology and visual language.

Dynamic and innovative, Persoona® proposes a truly integral customer approach. It is an inspiring tool that allows you to carry out the proposals for image adequacy, starting from the most sensitive, the most communicative and the most intimate point of the clients’: their own face.

The face, its interaction with the other segments of the body, and the analysis of the integral image of each client are the core of the method. Therefore, Persoona® is essential for you, professional in the field of dermatology, plastic surgery, beauty salon, barber shop, makeup, optics, psychology, coaching, aesthetics, dentistry, human resources, and others. Inspire, surprise, empower your client.

If you are not in the market for a ride, specialize in one of the courses Persoona® Pro, captivate your clientele, stand out and be a successful entrepreneur!


Student Fábio Paiva São Paulo / São Paulo
Student Juliana Marangoni São Paulo / São Paulo
Student Lu Carvalho Fortaleza / Ceará
Student Letícia Becker São Paulo / São Paulo
Student Vanessa Rosario Vitória / Espírito Santo
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