Persoona B2B

Corporate consultancy to improve visual identity and to adjust it to the specific market niche of each client. The purpose is to promote exclusivity and differentiation of the business in the most important point of contact with partners, suppliers and customers: its own employees.

Persoona Spot

An exclusive and specific form of consultancy for professionals who want to improve their image in a broad way, be it in media appearances, personal websites or professional photos and videos. The objective is to accurately convey the messages desired for each area of activity. A complete x-ray of the client’s profile, including postural, behavioral and verbal communication with speech therapy, beauty and media training professionals.

Persoona One

An individual consulting program aimed at those who have specific personal and professional goals.


    Depoimento Ana Cristina Pontes

    “We live in an age of intense narcissism, we spend more and more with beauty, our society worships appearance and yet billions of people are starving and living in poverty.  I wonder if developing a more refined look makes me superficial and indifferent to the ills of the world. On the other hand, does refusing to improve my image make me more committed to a better and fairer world? There was a certain attachment to my hair (hehehe) … It was a long time, more than a year, between the first contact with the subject – at a workshop with Cris Alves in 2013 – and the incorporation of the change. The result was fantastic, Cris was very respectful with my dilemmas, referred me to professionals who understood and welcomed my idiosyncrasies. I feel better, more beautiful … And surely, by making wiser choices, I will quit impulse buying – “we must be the change we want to see in the world,” right?

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