Cris Alves - Persoona

Physiotherapist graduated from the Federal University of Minas Gerais in 2007, Cris Alves had her first meeting with image consulting, as a client, at the beginning of her professional life. It was love at first sight! That was a phase marked by a series of changes: first formal job, marriage, and a new home.

Cris felt that she could couple her keen eye for beauty and harmony to her calling: taking care of people. She then became an image consultant.

Working with her first clients, she realized it was not enough to focus on her clients’ wardrobe to help them convey their intentions, their history and their personality through their looks. It was then that she realized that, in
any image consulting process, the face is the most important element of the whole visual identity.

Cris researched other areas of knowledge, such as neuroscience, visagism and morphology (facial psychology), in search of the bases for her work. Until then, image consultants considered the client only from the neck down, outsourcing the client’s facial analysis and suggestions of change to beauty professionals.

Doing further research, Chris realized that most of the answers she sought were right there in her experience as a physiotherapist. From there came associations with anatomy and physiology, enabling her to create PERSOONA®, which made her the first image consultant to systematize a method of work guided by the face.

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