Persoona Pro

Specialization in facial analysis and personal image based on the exclusive Persoona® method.



Because of the pandemic situation arising from COVID-19, courses in the face-to-face format are suspended for an indefinite period. Soon, we will launch the online courses. To be notified about the launch of the platform first hand, receive weekly backstage information of the production of our classes and then be on top of the whole process, fill out the form below:

The Courses

PERSOONA® PRO Personal Image

Specialization for image consultants and other professionals in the areas of beauty, aesthetics, coaching and fashion. Learn innovative client analysis techniques that will provide you with technical and scientific support to work on visual communication. Learn to elaborate the proposal of visual identity in its widest sense: from the hair to the big toe – literally!

PERSOONA® PRO for Barbershops and Beauty Salons

Personalized service and a well-trained staff are the big differential among companies in the beauty market. Professionalism and knowledge are expressed through an elegant approach, and the use of technical vocabulary to describe proportions and facial features, as well as harmonization of cut, beard and coloring, always considering the client’s facial characteristics. Nothing better to garner credibility, authority on the subject and respect.

Add value to your service. Inspire and surprise. The result? Satisfied and loyal customers, ready to promote the oldest and most efficient advertising, the famous word of mouth.

FACETELLING® for Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons

What do facial features and proportions tell about each person? What is the purpose of the client’s image, besides proportional aesthetic beauty? What would be the limit of change for each person?

Facetelling® gives another perspective to facial analysis. See how the lines, traits and facial features correspond to behavioral and personality tendencies. In this specialization, you will understand the conceptual foundations of Facial Psychology, plus the neurolinguistics aspects of nonverbal communication through color, lines and shapes. Facetelling® will help you achieve more effective care and more humanized procedures.

PERSOONA® PRO for Optical Segment

Forget the old formula of creating balance by opposing the shape of the glasses to the shape of the face! Help your client choose the ideal frame. Learn the equation that combines the various factors for a happy outcome: proportions between the thirds of the face, shape of the eyes, eyebrows, nose and other facial features; bone projections of the face; colors and their harmony with tone of skin and hair; the non-verbal communication of the various frames and how they can meet the client’s image desire.

Persoona Pro will help you solve your clients’ most intimate and sensitive quest: the perfect model that enhances the harmony and beauty of their face.

Depoimento Virgínia Amaral

“Persoona is much more than a method. It is a professional and personal transformation. It is the technical and emotional capability to identify in others their characteristics and from there to recommend a change that goes beyond the image seen in the mirror. I can say that I achieved an invaluable professional growth. I gained confidence, new skills and an improved sensibility that transformed me personally and professionally. Like Albert Einstein said, ‘The mind that opens itself to a new idea will never return to its original state!’”

Virgínia Amaral | M. D. specialist in dermatology and aesthetics - Belo Horizonte / Minas Gerais
Depoimento Sheila Calandrini

“What impresses me the most about Cris is the depth of her look, I know that she will never do a job based solely on the external – in the simplistic choice of clothes, accessories, hair. Her method goes beyond that. It goes deep in the soul. It is as if she began to build our “self”, making us aware of how much bigger we are, contrary to what we might think! The work of Cris Alves enhances our view into our “self”, and amplifies our love for each other through the knowledge and understanding of facial signs. I loved learning to understand myself and catalyzing my best. I especially loved learning to establish a dialogue with my patients’ facial expression.”

Sheila Calandrini | MD specialist in aesthetics - Belém do Pará / PA
Depoimento Regiane Moreira

“Through social media, I met a beautiful, elegant woman, owner of a captivating text. Personally, during her course, I confirmed these impressions. I was fascinated by each concept, each explanation about the universe of personal image. Cris Alves masters the technique and brilliantly teaches us how to put her teachings into practice. I could not have chosen anybody else to help me understand customer behavior regarding change and make the best of my clients.”

Regiane Moreira | Image Coach and Behavioral Analyst - Belo Horizonte / MG
Depoimento Joice Rossi

“Cris Alves’s method has allowed me to expand my portfolio with essential techniques for the development of a comprehensive image and style manual, with interpretation of the face underlying suggestions concerning haircut, hair coloring, accessories, advice about outfit choices. There are professionals who work only with specific style guidelines, who overlook the face, which is primarily responsible for our image. This course goes much further and trains professionals so that they can apply the methodology immediately after training. Not to mention that Cris Alves is an inspiringand helpful person.”

Joice Rossi | Style Consultant - Sao Paulo / SP
Depoimento Fabrícia Gomes

“The training in facial analysis with Cris Alves is revealing!

It is a course with theory perfectly tailored to our needs and enough practice to allow you to apply all the knowledge acquired.

The next day, I was already practicing with the people closest to me and then with my clients in the company. I work with leadership development and coaching and I am sure that this content will be a “plus” in my career. Through my knowledge of analysis of facial features, their connection to behavior and proposed changes in the image, I will be able to support my clients in reaching their goals more effectively, if their career issue is related to their personal/professional image. I loved the course and I highly recommend it! “

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